What a Session is Like

On the onset, having a Reiki or a Vortex session, looks like a massage, but there are some differences. You never have to take off your clothes, nor is there any rubbing of muscle like in massage during a Vortex or a Reiki session.


For a Reiki session

We start with a discussion of what your session will be for. Will this be for relaxation, or would you like to work on something more specific? You will lie on a massage table for comfort (unless you, can't then I would do the session in a chair). Time length of a Reiki session will be a little over an hour. There will be a number of key places that I will put my hands to allow the flow of Reiki energy to your body. I do not put Reiki energy into your body; rather, your body draws what is needed from me. At no time do I give you my energy. I have been attuned to have the flow of Reiki. It comes through my hands. Afterwards, when the session is over, we will talk about the experience and where you felt the energy going. (Reiki sessions are $50 for an hour). 


Vortexhealing® Sessions

Also starts out with a discussion. We pick out a goal or game plan for your session(s). You will lie on a massage table if possible. I will only put my hands in one or two spots. This is because I have a different way of hooking up to your body. My hands are there to directly connect and allow Vortex energy to flow, but I am directing it by other means (a navel hookup). Also once your system is warmed up, the healing realm will enter, and they do the their work while I continue to pump vortex energy into your system. Again, we will talk at the end to see what it was like for you. (Price is $65 for an hour session. Sliding scale available.) 


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