Dr. Mikeo Usui - Founder of Reiki


Reiki is a method of channeling spiritual energy through an attunement given by a Reiki Master teacher. Reiki is a Japanese word that is made up of 2 characters. Rei meaning- Universal Spiritual Consciousness. Ki meaning-Life Force Energy. This energy is also known as Prana or Chi depending on what culture is describing it. Therefore the meaning of Reiki is Spiritually guided Life Force. Everything has life force energy in it, but this is life force that comes from spirit and is guided by spirit. Reiki energy can be channeled to give self healing, healing of others, or healing of any thing. Many use it to give healing to Mother Earth and Group human issues.

Reiki was discovered by Sensei Usui Mikao of Japan (Sensei means teacher in Japanese). He was born on August 15, 1865 in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture in the village Yago. He named the energy Rei-Ki. Usui Mikao is often called Doctor, but that was not a conventional title, but rather a title used because he was a man who tried to heal others pain and their troubled minds. The history is still a bit of a jumble, but more and more facts have been emerging. Dr. Usui was a very learned man in Japan who was honored for his good deeds by the Emperor of Meiji Japan. It was originally thought that Dr. Usui was Christian, but it is now thought not to be true. While it is true that in his search for truth and healing he studied from many different sources, Christianity was one of them. It seems that the roots of Reiki came from the inspiration and meditating upon many of the great truths. It has its roots in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism for that is what Usui grew up with. It is believed that one of his favorite meditation spots was Mt. Kurama and it is possibly here where he received the symbols and the energy. Usui worked with the poor for 7 years in Kyoto and was supposed to have given Reiki to many of the victims of the devastating 1923 Tokyo earthquake. It was in Tokyo that he formed the society he named Usui Shiki Reiki. He opened a Reiki clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama andTokyo; Reiki soon became very popular. Usui used only 4 symbols, and started with 3 levels. He taught many classes and gave many treatments. He later moved his practice to Nakano. Usui died of a stroke in March 9,1926. Dr. Usui found great value in the Emperor Meiji's Principles. These are today used as the Reiki principles: 

1. Don't get angry today

2. Don't worry today.

3. Be grateful today.

4. Work hard today (meditative practices).

5. Be kind to others today.


Dr. Usui recommended you contemplate these principles in your heart and say them twice daily. He firmly believed that this would lead one to the great tranquil mind of the sages. And that to begin with Reiki it was important to start from. A place close to you, yourself, not some philosophy or dogma. 


There are different lineages of Reiki. They are all valid and good. Remember we are all one. Pick one you feel comfortable with and enjoy!

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