Reiki Levels

Here you can find the descriptions of the different levels of Reiki:

Reiki Level I

In this level you learn hands on healing using the Reiki Universal energy. This energy can only be used for good. It is not the same thing that the term "hands on healing" is usually associated with. It has no religious significance; instead it falls into the realms of a spiritual energy (meaning of the spirit world). Remember you are a spirit, here on earth for a material experience.

This level is very easy to "learn". There is an attunement given that aligns your energy body to this energy, making it readily available to you when you want it. All ages can learn this technique. Reiki is a great self-healing energy. In this class you will learn hand placements for self-healing, and to start to trust your intuition for what part of you would like this energy. In the later part of the day, there is practice at self-healing, followed by a healing session for each other, in a group format.

Reiki Level II

In this class you will be learning the 3 symbols of level II. These symbols are used to send Reiki energy to someone at a distance. The symbols are also used to further your own healing by learning exercises that work with the symbols for emotional healing (changing your feelings) and mental healing (changing your thoughts). There are additional uses of these symbols which are discussed in class. Again, there will be time to actually practice these new techniques in the class. (prerequisite is Reiki I)

Reiki Level III/ Master Level

This class is for the student of Reiki who wishes to use the last symbol to further enhance their own life, or for the practitioner who wants to teach. In this level, the last symbol is taught with its uses. One of the main uses for it is to allow someone to attune another person to Reiki. If you would like to learn this level, get in touch with me and we'll talk about what you want. If you would like to teach, there are many materials I have for you. It would also include ongoing support. (Prerequisite is Reiki levels I and II)

A certificate is received with the completion of every level.

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