Reiki Classes


I currently am teaching classes in Level I and Level II. If you are interested in Level III (Master Level) then e-mail me, and we can set up a time. I usually do the Master level individually.

Current prices:

Reiki Level I is $150.00. I usually hold the class on a Saturday. The class can be scheduled for a weekday, by contacting me. If I am working on Saturday morning, then I will hold class Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Reiki Level II classes are $175.00. The same time frames go for this class. Due to my possibly working on Saturday mornings, I offer the Saturday and Sunday afternoons for a class. Weekdays will also work if that is all right for everyone in the class.

Reiki Level III classes are $500.00.


Please Note:

Reiki Level I is hands on healing. It is a great thing to learn, but must be practiced on yourself or other people. What many people don't really understand is Reiki is a great self- healing tool. Many people want to heal other people out of their own desire to understand their own lives. So do yourself a favor and if you learn Reiki then use it on yourself and others. Remember you get a treatment whenever you reiki yourself or another.

I usually don't teach level I and II together. I do feel that there are things you should learn from Reiki I. You do need to find your own schedule to fit Reiki into your life. I would like you to feel what Reiki energy feels like. Everyone has a different background coming into this. For some it's easy to feel Reiki, for others it is not. The only thing that strengthens the energy flow is doing Reiki! I do feel level I is easier for most people. Level II is memorization, learning symbols, and learning how to use them. So in most likelihood, you'll be using different learning skills for each level. Give Reiki I the time it needs to do adjustments in your body. You will be glad you did!

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