Why don't some of us heal? Why when the mind is set to healing, why doesn't instantaneous healing happen?

If you feel you need healing then that means something is out of balance in your body. What I am going to tell you might shock you. I ask you to read it and feel if this is meant for you. Some of us are meant to have our diseases a while longer. Disease teaches us many things. Some have not learned all of what they came here to experience. We have all, in one way or another, helped create or kept our diseases going. This is a hard concept for many to understand, for it tends to bring about judgment if you are not fully looking at it from your Higher Selves perspective. We are not encouraged to think this way. Actually if we carry a disease, there are some feelings and thoughts that are out of balance. So until the thoughts or beliefs change one will continue to be unhealed and unbalanced. There is a wonderful book by Louise Hays called, You Can Heal Your Life; in which she has a chart for diseases and the unbalanced feelings or beliefs that cause those diseases. At first I thought this concept was a little hooky, but I later saw while working with different diseases, how true this really was! Now for the next thought on healing. We, as spirits, come to earth to experience different things. We here, living in polarity, tend to label these as good or bad experiences. Spirit does not judge... like we do. Spirit understands that we really are eternal, and while harm can come to us here, and send us back to our home (our real place of birth, our real home). Once there, we decide whether to return here to earth again, or to stay home and do something else. In the past we had no choice for we set out an agenda that necessitates us to incarnate over and over again. But now it's different -due to all the learning that has been going on! Many of you look around and don't see this as your reality, but it is something to start to take note of. Everything has its gift or challenge hidden in it. Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

Breathing problems- trouble taking in life. It's where we breathe in our joy.

Cancer- holding long term anger, and feeling deeply hurt.

HIV- feeling non-existent, having sexual guilt.

Diabetes- no longer able to feel the sweetness of life.

Migraines- resisting the flow of life, having dislikes and feeling pressured.

Headaches- fear, not believing in yourself, self-criticism

Jaw problems-anger, resentment

This is just a sample listing. Check out Louise Hays book for her list.

So I will give you a clue, once you have found the gift in the dis-ease you have, then the dis-ease will no longer have to scream it's discomfort, trying to tell you that something needs to change! The next step would be to identify the old feelings and thoughts that created the dis-ease , and replace them with new healthier ones. Not always an easy thing to do, but absolutely necessary if you want to heal yourself.

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