About Carolyn DeAngelis

I have always wanted to do magical things. I've always been sure UFOs exist, and that there are many things in life that can't be easily explained. Since I was a teenager, I've been intrigued with people who could heal with their hands. I've watched every movie I could find about it. I wondered about people who seemed to have psychic experiences, and wished I could be one of them. Then in 1988 (I think), I had my first out of body experience that changed my views on what was going on in the world. First, I had always thought that you had to be someone special for something like that to happen. I thought only people born with that ability could do it - and here was little ole me doing it! I realized that anyone could do it and that we do exist without our bodies. I certainly had no special training for it. My background has been in the medical field, as an X-ray technician. I later tired of doing uncomfortable tests for the patient's own good. I am glad I found energy healing in Reiki and Vortexhealing® energetic therapy, as they never cause people pain, and honor the receiver as a healer of self. I've been doing Reiki since 1991, and Vortexhealing® since 1995. I now teach Usui Reiki classes and provide treatments, hands on and distant, for individual healing and growth. They are both wonderfully fun to work with and have given me lots of growth too!

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