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These pages are about the two energy systems I personally work with. I have always been interested in the metaphysical world, and in the last ten years, I'm finally following my heart's desire to work with healing energies! In 1991 I took Reiki Level I, and was highly pleased with the class. I had been reading about people that could heal with their hands, and here was a way of doing just that. I have now taken all levels of Reiki and I am proud to say I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Recently I ran across another energy called Vortexhealing® energetic therapy. After reading about it I took the class to learn to channel this vortex energy. Ric Weinman, the man to whom the vortex and the special realm opened itself up to, best describes this wonderful technique. I have taken up to the Omega degree in Vortexhealing® energetic therapy. What does that mean? It means I now have a "wheel" in my heart chakra, which is where the vortex enters. This vortex enters the wheel in my heart, goes through my hands and through a navel hookup to another person for healing. Working with this energy means that I also work with a powerful healing Realm created by 7 divine beings. When I work with this energy I channel the vortex energy and also the consciousness of the realm. It is very wonderful.

These 2 healing modalities are effective in self healing, healing of others, and planetary healing of our wonderful Mother Earth. I would always advise that you work on healing yourself before jumping in to heal others. You make such a clearer healer that way! I am trying to be involved in all sorts of healing work, and I'm always glad to meet other Lightworkers! Namaste!

®"VortexHealing" is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. 


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